A - C

Marié Abe
BU, Asst. Prof. of Music
Intersection of sound, public space, and social difference in contemporary Japanese urban life through ethnographic analysis of chindon-ya

Barbara Ambros
UNC Chapel Hill, Assoc. Prof. of East Asian Religions
Early modern through contemporary Japanese religions in particular gender issues, human-animal relationships, and environmental issues

Galen D. Amstutz 
Independent Scholar 
How to "reinvent" Pure Land Buddhism and to communicate with a larger American audience 

Marnie Anderson 
Smith, Assc. Prof. of History 
Gender and political culture of the Meiji Period 

Anna Andreeva 
Karl Jaspers Centre, Heidelberg Univ., Asst. Prof. in Japanese History 
Japanese religious and cultural history during the medieval and early modern periods 

Linda I. Angst 
Independent Scholar 
War memory and experience in Okinawa; anthropology of violence and conflict resolution; oral histories of Japanese Americans' wartime experience in Oregon 

Yuko Aoyama 
Clark, Assoc. Prof. and Henry J. Leir Faculty Fellow of Geography 
New forms of economic governance, specifically corporate R&D alliances between multinational enterprises (MNEs) and NGOs operating in India

Galit Aviman 
Ben Gurion Univ. and Hebrew Univ, Lecturer 
Images of women in the artwork of Hakuin Ekaku (1685-1768) 

Bruce Baird 
UMass Amherst, Assc. Prof. of Japanese 
Butô, intellectual history, angura theatre, video games

Jeffrey Bayliss 
Trinity, Assoc. Prof. of History 
Oral history project on life in the evacuation centers during the months following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Thomas Berger
BU, Assoc. Prof. of Intl. Relations 
Comparing the evolution of U.S. alliances in Europe and in Asia, with emphasis on identities and history of the formation and development of alliances and intra-alliance relations

Rosemarie Bernard 
Waseda, Asst. Prof. of Anthropology and Japanese Studies 
Anthropology and History, Ritual and Politics; Shintô (esp. Ise Jingu); Islam; Ideology; Identity

Joanne R. Bernardi 
Rochester, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese and Film and Media Studies 
Book ms: "Tourist Japan"

Victoria Lyon Bestor 
North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources, Executive Director
Library resources; currently developing a new Internet-based Open Source materials on Japan in support of undergraduate education

Phyllis Birnbaum 
Princesses of Manchuria 

Herbert P. Bix 
SUNY Binghamton, Emeritus Prof. of History and Sociology 
Wars and economic crises in Japan and the U.S. in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries with focus on the tension between Imperialism, capitalism, and procedural democracy 

Thomas Blackwood 
Tokyo International University, Prof. of Sociology
Educational aspects of extracurricular club activities in Japanese high schools

Verena K. Blechinger-Talcott 
Free Univ. of Berlin, Prof. of Japanese Politics and Pol. Econ. 
Patterns of modernity in East Asia; Collaborative project on the emergence of global governance due to epidemics

Mark L. Blum 
UC Berkeley, Prof. of Japanese Studies 
Buddhist thought and culture, and the response of Buddhism to modernity in Japan 

Robert Borgen 
UC Davis, Emeritus Prof. of East Asian Languages and Culture, and History 
Jojin's Diary, the record of a Japanese monk's pilgrimage to China, 1072-73 

Daniel Botsman 
Yale, Prof. of History 
Emancipation in 19 th-c. Japan; translations of recent work on Tokugawa social history

Patrick Caddeau 
Princeton, Director of Studies, Forbes College; Visiting Prof., East Asian Studies 
Genji reception; Meiji Taishô fiction 

Haeng-ja S. Chung 
Hamilton, Asst. Prof. of Anthropology 
Tokyo Univ., SSRC-JSPS Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellow
Book project on Korean nightclub hostesses in Japan 

Gina Cogan 
BU, Asst. Prof. of Religion 
Edo-period nuns and convents 

Ellen P. Conant 
Independent Scholar 
Book ms concerning Joseph Lindon Smith's visits to Japan in 1901 and 1910 

Ian Condry 
MIT, Prof. of Media and Cultural Studies 
The influence of online, creative communities related to global health, education, and music on political engagement and economic production

Theodore F. Cook, Jr. 
William Patterson, Prof. of History; Director, Asian Studies Program 
The Japanese experience of war, 1931-1945; culture in the midst of total war

Teruko Craig 
Tufts, Senior Lecturer Emerita in Japanese 
Translating essays by Fukuzawa Yukichi 

Michael P. Cronin 
William and Mary, Asst. Prof. of Japanese Literature
The city as an alternative space to nation: Osaka in literature and film of the transwar period, 1930s-1950s 

Jennifer Cullen 
Independent Scholar 
Representations of virginity in modern Japanese literature, 1900-1930s

Michael Andrew Cusumano
MIT Sloan School , Sloan Management Review Distinguished Prof. of Management 
Problems and solutions in the Japanese economy; business models