D - F

Brett de Bary 
Cornell, Prof. of Asian Studies and Comparative Literature
Practice and theory of translation for contemporary Japanese intellectuals

Jennifer F. deWinter
WPI, Assoc. Prof. of Rhetoric; Director, Interactive Media and Game Development Program
Japanese video game industry, Japanese robotics and HCI, and Japanese media studies (anime, manga, games)

Wiebke Denecke 
BU, Assoc. Prof. of East Asian Literatures
Role of Sino-Japanese literature/kanshinbun in early Japanese literary culture

Frederick R. Dickinson 
UPenn, Prof. of History 
Global history of modern Japan

Rachel DiNitto
Univ. of Oregon, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Literature
Cultural production after the 2011 disaster in Japan

Eric Dinmore 
Hampton-Sydney, Elliot Assoc. Prof. of History
Monograph on resource anxieties in 20th-c Japan, Legacies of the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Japan's aid to Indonesia's oil industry; monograph on Kurobe Dam 

Sharon H. Domier 
UMass Amherst, East Asian Studies Librarian 
Compilation of materials to support Japanese language learner in academic libraries 

James Dorsey 
Dartmouth, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese
The culture of the student movement of Japan's 1960s; translation theory and practice

John W. Dower 
MIT, Prof. Emeritus of History
US-Japan relations; recent publication The Violent American Century: War and Terror Since World War II

Fabian Drixler 
Yale, Prof. of History 
Demographic history and history of mentalities, esp. with regard to social change in the 17th century 

Edward R. Drott 
Sophia, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Religions 
The connections between religion, medicine, and the body, particularly with regard to aging in medieval Japan 

Alexis Dudden 
UConn, Prof. of History 
The current trend toward territorialization of sovereignty through Japan's island disputes

Steven J. Ericson 
Dartmouth, Assoc. Prof. of History 
Zaibatsu dissolution and business deconcentration during the US occupation of Japan

Margarita Estévez-Abe 
Syracuse, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science
Japanese politics, comparative social policy, gender in advanced industrial societies, and political institutions

William R. Farrell 
Naval War College, Adj. Prof.
Japan's political and international environment, with emphasis on SDF and defense policy

William D. Fleming 
UC Santa Barbara, Asst. Prof. of Japanese Literature,
Early modern Japanese literature and reception of Chinese fiction in Japan

Lawrence Fouraker
St. John Fisher College, Assoc. Prof. of History 
Political economy of interwar Japan

Matthew P. Fraleigh 
Brandeis, Asst. Prof. of East Asian Literature and Culture 
Sinitic literature (kanshibun) in early modern and modern Japan

Sarah A. Frederick 
BU, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese and Comparative Literature
Book manuscript about author Yoshiya Nobuko (1896-1973); digital humanities mapping project focusing on Kyoto and Natsume Soseki

Nicole Freiner 
Bryant, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science 
Documenting and analyzing rice growing in Japan, utilizing fieldwork and qualitative interviews across Japan

Naomi Fukumori 
Ohio State, Assoc. Prof. in Japanese
Ritual and ceremony in Heian period women's court literature; Tanabe Seiko and Heian Literature