G - I

Terence Gallagher
Independent Scholar; Translator
A study of translation, from Japanese to English

David George 
Bates College, Lecturer in Spanish 
The translation of Spanish literature into Japanese in the 1920s; preparing monograph on Spanish novelist Vicente Blasco Ibañez’s reflections on Taisho Japan 

Timothy S. George 
URI, Prof. of History 
Toroku mine poisoning; machizukuri in Minamata, Seiyo, Tsumago, and Otaru; unit on Minamata for website "Visualizing Cultures"; co-editing "Mirror of an Uncertain Age"

William L. Givens 
The Japan Fund, Former Chairman 
U.S.- Japan trade competition

Carol Gluck 
Columbia, George Sansom Prof. of History 
"Thinking with the Past"

Janet E. Goff 
Independent Scholar 
The art of transformation in traditional Japanese theater (noh, kyôgen, jôruri, and kabuki) using fox characters as an example 

Yoshie Gordon 
Boston Higashi School, Director of Development and Corporate Relations 
Autistic children's sleep disturbance at the school; cross-cultural research on autism; international teachers' training program on autism for third world teachers 

Robert D. Goree 
Columbia, ACLS New Faculty Fellow in East Asian Languages and Cultures 
Japanese Literature and Culture

Peter Grilli 
Japan Society of Boston, President 
Intercultural exchange 

William W. Grimes BU, Prof. of Intl. Relations; Chair, Dept. of Intl. Relations 
Regional financial cooperation in East Asia, currency politics, take-over markets in Japan

Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis BU, Prof. Emerita for Japanese Art 
Buddhist art, Silk Road studies 

Mary Alice Haddad Wesleyan, Asst. Prof. of Government 
Environmental politics in East Asia, investigating strategies to promote better environmental behavior by government, corporations, and citizens 

Kenneth Haig 
Bard, Asst. Prof. of Political Studies 
Explaining variation in policy responses to demographic changes (aging populations, low birthrates) in Japan and East Asia 

Sayumi Harb
Connecticut College, Asst. Prof. of Japanese Studies
Word and Image in 19th and 20th century Japanese literature and poetics 

Walter Hatch 
Colby, Assoc. Prof. of Government; Director, Oak Institute for the Study of Intl. Human Rights 
Why Japan has been unsuccessful, compared to Germany, in achieving reconciliation with neighbors it invaded, occupied, or brutalized in the past 

Tom Havens 
Northeastern, Prof. of History 
History of long distance racing in Japan and its former colonies, 1910-present 

Kenji Hayao 
BC, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science 
Japanese Prime Ministership 

Robert I. Hellyer 
Wake Forest, Assc. Prof. of History 
Green tea and the path to an industrial, international Japan

Mariko Itoh Henstock 
BU, Senior Lecturer 
Research on developing critical thinking through content-based language instruction

Money L. Hickman 
Independent scholar 
Research on the priest-painter Meiyo Kokan (1653-1717)

Junji Himeno 
Japan Quality Assurance Organization, Director, Promotion Center 
A thought on Japanese people’s aspiration for practicing in spirituality 

Atsuko Hirai 
Bates, Kazushige Hirasawa Prof. of History 
Political effects of the mourning laws of Japan from the Ritsu-Ryo codes to the Meiji laws through the Tokugawa mourning edicts 

Hosea Hirata 
Tufts, Prof. of Japanese Lit.; Chair, Dept. of German, Russian, and Asian Lang. and Lit. 
A study of Kobayashi Hideo and Dostoevsky 

Allen F. Hockley 
Dartmouth, Assoc. Prof. of Art History; Chair, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 
Visual history of Meiji Japan through an examination of Meiji-period books and journals on the history of Japan

Todd J. M. Holden 
Independent Scholar 
Historical and cultural research on Japanese television advertising with emphasis on art, torpes, content, meaning, and social role of television advertising in contemporary Japann

Saburo Horikawa
Hosei, Prof. of Sociology
Movements: the sense of place, the ownership, and the logic of preservation

Yusaku Horiuchi
Dartmouth, Assoc. Prof. of Government; Mitsui Chair in the Study of Japan
Comparative Politics (electoral politics, political economy, public opinion, Japan) and political methodology (statistical methods, research design)

Christopher Hughes 
Warwick, Prof. of Japanese Studies and Intl. Politics 
Japan’s international relations, esp. security and defense policy; U.S.-Japan, Japan-North Korea, and Japan-China relations; Japan’s regional policy in East Asia 

Takaharu Ichimura 
Harvard Medical School, Instructor of Medicine, BWH Renal Division 
Study of the Japanese biologist Kumagusu Minakata’s work – his role in modern Japanese science and culture

Eiko Ikegami 
New School, Prof., Chair of Sociology 
Book projects: "Kyoto: A Thousand Years of Celebrations"; “Alternative Routes to State and Society Transformation: Japan, China, and Ottoman Turkey"; "Trust and Uncertainty: Styles of Japanese Capitalism"

Charles Shirô Inouye 
Tufts, Prof. of Japanese 
Completing book on the development of modern consciousness; gothic studies; the end of the world, Plan B; translation work 

Rei Okamoto Inouye 
Northeastern, Assoc. Academic Specialist of Japanese 
Manga and manga eiga in the 1930s and 1940s

Yoshiyuki Isoda 
Consular Office of Japan, Davao, Director 
Japanese politics toward developing countries

James P. Ito-Adler 
Independent Scholar 
Adoption in Japan and England; Japanese diaspora in Brazil 

Christopher Ives 
Stonehill, Prof., Chair of Religious Studies 
Contemporary Zen thought and Zen Buddhist social ethics (especially in relation to environmental issues and nationalism)

Haruko Iwasaki 
UC Santa Barbara, Assoc. Prof. Emerita of Japanese 
Matsudaira Sadanobu and Ota Nampo, leaders of opposing camps at the Kansei Reforms, and the surprising ties that connected them in their youths