J - L

D. Colin Jaundrill 
Providence College, Asst. Prof. East Asian History
The transformation of military service in the transition from the Tokugawa to Meiji periods, especially the wider social and cultural consequences

William D. Johnston 
Wesleyan, Prof of History., Chair of East Asian Langs. & Lits.
Cholera in nineteenth-century Japanese medical thought, public health, and popular culture

Mark A. Jones 
Central Conn. State, Assoc. Prof. of History 
History of childhood and the middle class in modern Japan jonesm(at)ccsu.edu

Jason Josephson 
Williams College, Asst. Prof. of Religion and Asian Studies 
Japan of the Edo-Meiji era; science and religion especially focusing on practices and beliefs considered "superstitions" to uncover occluded genealogies in the construction of modernity in Japan and Europe

Naoki Kamimura 
Nanzan Univ., Prof. of American Studies and Int'l Relations 
Comparative analysis of nuclear disarmament and alliance policies of Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, esp. each country's civil society responses to official policy toward the U.S. regarding these issues

Ikumi Kaminishi 
Tufts, Assoc. Prof. of Asian Art History 
Relationship between the Buddhist practice of upaya (J. hoben) and Japanese paintings, especially emakimono 

Miki Kaneda
Boston University, Lecturer in Music 
Transnational flows of experimental music, graphic scores, art and the everyday; and media ecologies in postwar Japan 

Nikhil Kapur
Rutgers-Camden, Asst. Prof. of History
Modern Japanese history and U.S.-Japan Relations 

Taizo Kato 
Waseda, Prof. Emeritus of Psychology 
Problems of young people who lose their confidence in this confused age

Sari Kawana
UMass Boston, Asst. Prof. of Japanese 
History of publishing in Japan; genre fiction, particularly detective fiction and science fiction 

Terry Kawashima 
UMass Boston, Assoc. Prof. of Modern Languages and Asian Studies 
The trope of the double in temple/shrine origin tales and its relationship to bifurcated systems of power in medieval Japan

Adam Kern 
Wisconsin, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Lit; Director, Center for Visual Cultures 
Gesaku and haikai.

Masato Kimura 
Shibusawa Ei'’icihi Memorial Fndn., Director, Research Dept. 
Role of entrepreneurs on relationships between U.S., China and Japan from late 19th-c to 1950s 

Takako Kishima 
Waseda, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science 
Placed-based minorities' resistence movements against neoliberal globalization and development in Asia and Latin America; gendering international law adn securitization studies, cases including "comfort women," women of Afghanistan and Okinawa

 T. James Kodera 
Wellesley, Prof., Chair of Religion 
The plight of the "Untouchables" in India and Japan: its origin and paths of liberalization and self-empowerment

Takeshi Kokubo 
UMass Boston, Lecturer Emeritus on Japanese 
Book projects on Maedaki Hiroichiro: a biography of his life in the U.S.; and English translation, with notes, of his major stories 

Yukinori Komine 
Fitchburg State Univ., Visiting Asst. Prof. of Political Science 
Book ms: "Japan Confidential: Secret Bargaining in the U.S.-Japan Alliance, 1961-1978"

Kimberly Kono 
Smith, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese
Writing by Japanese women in colonial Manchura 

Thomas Lamarre
McGill, Prof. of East Asian Studies & Art history and Communication Studies 
Relations between television and animation from 1960s to present with focus on effect of transformations in television infrastructures and platforms, and transformation in animation on screen ecologies

Adam Liff
Indiana, Asst. Prof. of East Asian Languages and Cultures 
Pacific security affairs in East Asia

Jeffrey M. Lepon 
Law Office of Jeffrey M. Lepon, PPLC, Attorney
U.S.-Japan commercial transactions 

Gary P. Leupp 
Tufts, Prof. of History; Adj. Prof. of Comp. Religions
Socio-economic history of the Nishijin district of Kyoto during the Tokugawa period, esp. the employment system and the phenomenon of capitalistic wage labor in silk-producing workshops 

Mark Lincicome 
Holy Cross, Assoc. Prof. of History 
Journal article on career of Nakano Akira; English translation of monograph on Japanese politics by Akio Igarashi; book project comparing Japanese and Australian perceptions of themselves as nations on the periphery of Asia between the mid-19th and mid-20th centuries 

Jennifer Lind 
Dartmouth, Asst. Prof. of Government 
International security in East Asia and U.S. foreign policy toward the region