J - L

D. Colin Jaundrill 
Providence College, Assoc. Prof. East Asian History
Book manuscript research on the 1868 battles at Toba and Fushimi

William D. Johnston 
Wesleyan, Prof. of History
History of cholera and public health in Japan

Mark A. Jones 
Central Connecticut State, Assoc. Prof. of History 
History of romantic love and marriage in 1920s Japan

Jason A. Josephson Storm
Williams, Assoc. Prof. of Religion; Chair, Department of Religion
Japanese religions, East Asian philosophy, history of science, philosophy of social science

Naoki Kamimura 
Nanzan, Prof. of British and American Studies
Japan-U.S. security relations and U.S. policy toward the 1952 Bolivian Revolution

Ikumi Kaminishi 
Tufts, Assoc. Prof. of Art History
Book manuscript on medieval politics of picture handscroll production

Miki Kaneda
BU, Asst. Prof. of Music
Japanese avant-garde and experimental music in transnational context, race and gender in music

Nikhil Kapur
Rutgers-Camden, Asst. Prof. of History
Finishing book manuscript on 1960 U.S.-Japan Security Treaty protests and their aftermath

Taizo Kato 
Waseda, Prof. Emeritus of Psychology 
Unhealthy nature of Japanese addictive relationships

Sachiko Kawai
USC, Research Associate, Department of History
Medieval Japanese women's inheritance, land management, and their strategies to wield power

Sari Kawana
UMass Boston, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese 
History of literary publishing in Japan; genre fiction, particularly detective fiction and educational manga

Terry Kawashima 
UMass Boston, Prof. of Asian Studies; Chair, Department of Asian Studies
Rebirth, recognition, and visuality in premodern Japan

Adam L. Kern 
Univ. of Wisconsin, Prof. of Japanese Literature and Visual Culture; Director, Center for Visual Cultures 
Book manuscripts in progress: The Penguin Book of Haiku and A Kamigata Anthology: Literature from Japan’s Metropolitan Centers, 1600-1750

Masato Kimura 
Shibusawa Ei'icihi Memorial Foundation, Senior Director
Entrepreneurs and philanthropy from the late 19th century until the early 20th century

Takako Kishima 
Waseda, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science 
Status of sexual minorities in the media-/market-mediated consumer culture of neoliberal era

Aleksandra Kobiljski 
National Center for Scientific Research, Assoc. Prof. of Modern and Contemporary History
Engineering the Restoration: Envirotech History of Steel in Japan

Gabriele Koch
Yale-NUS, Asst. Prof. of Anthropology
Gender and sexuality, labor, rights, care

T. James Kodera 
Wellesley, Prof. of Religion 
Takashi Paul Nagai (1908-1951): radiologist, convert, atomic bomb victim, and pacifist

Takeshi Kokubo 
UMass Boston, Lecturer Emeritus on Japanese 
A history of the Musashi Koku with emphasis on the influence of the Uesugi Clan

Keigo Komamura
Keio, Vice President; Prof. of Law
Constitutional law, constitutional history of Japan, and constitutionalism in the U.S. and Asian countries

Yukinori Komine
American Public University., Assoc. Prof. of International Relations
Alliance Restraint in International Politics: The U.S.-Japan Alliance and the Senkaku Islands

Kimberly T. Kono 
Smith, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese
Literary representations of Japanese women and colonial Manchuria

Thomas Lamarre
McGill, James McGill Prof. of Japanese Studies and Media Studies
Regional Television: Geographies of Japanese Media

Gary P. Leupp
Tufts, Prof. of History
Silk workers in Kyoto during the Edo Period

Adam P. Liff
Indiana Univ., Asst. Prof. of East Asian International Relations
Japanese and Chinese foreign policy, Asia-Pacific security affairs

Mark E. Lincicome 
Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies, Director
UNESCO World Heritage Convention and Japan's pursuit of international cultural legitimacy

Jennifer M. Lind 
Dartmouth, Assoc. Prof. of Government 
How countries rise economically and militarily to become great powers