M - O

Edward Mack 
Univ. of Washington, Assoc. Prof. of Modern Japanese Lit. 
Publishing history and modern Japanese literature; literature of Japanese diaspora

Robert J. Maeda 
Brandeis, Prof. Emeritus of Fine Arts 
Isamu Noguchi and Appalachian Spring 

Tamaki Maeda 
University of Washington, Lecturer in Art History; Heidelberg Univ, Visiting Faculty
Sino-Japanese artistic exchanges in the early 20th century 

Ayu Majima 
ICU Institute of Asian Cultural Studies, Research Fellow
Socio-cultural history of modern Japan, comparative cultures

Aleksandra Majstorac-Kobiljski 
Centre national de la researche scientifique, Post-doctoral researcher 
Coal technologies in Japan; coking technologies in Japan and Japanese-controlled mines in China 

Federico Marcon 
Princeton, Asst. Prof., East Asian Studies and History 
The introduction of Western philosophy in nineteenth-century Japan

Andrew Maske 
Kentucky, Assc. Prof. of Asian Art History 
Production and use of ceramics in the trading port of Hakata and castletown of Fukuoka from Yayoi period through early 20th-c 

Thomas Mason
ALLEX Foundation, Executive Director
Japanese language pedagogy, study abroad, and international education

Jennifer Milioto Matsue 
Union, Assoc. Prof. of Music, East Asian Studies, and Anthropology 
Modern Japanese music and culture 

Reo Matsuzaki 
Trinity College, Asst. Prof. of Political Science 
Variation in institution-building outcomes within foreign occupations esp. in police and education 

Yoshihisa Tak Matsusaka 
Wellesley, Assoc. Prof. of History 
Defense, democracy and empire: the politics of progressive nationalism in Japan, 1882-1922 

Trent E. Maxey 
Amherst, Asst. Prof. of Japanese History 
The cultural and political history of automobility in 20 th-century Japan 

James McLendon 
Independent Scholar 
The role of MOF in Japan’s political economy 

Sean Harland McPherson 
Assistant Professor of Art History, Bridgewater State University 
Popular material and visual culture of Japanese festivity; cultural landscape of Japanese-American spaces for Buddhist worship; architecture in education and architectural discourses in modern Japan

Richard H. Minear 
UMass Amherst, Prof. of History 
Wartime writings of Nambara Shigeru 

Itsuko Mino 
Independent Researcher 
Re-articulation of declining ethical and moral perspectives with emphasis on moral development; comparative studies in womens health including breast cancer

Tosh Minohara 
Kobe, Prof. of Intl. History 
Prewar U.S.-Japan relations (diplomacy, politics, and intelligence)

Shigeru Miyagawa 
MIT, Prof. of Linguistics and Philosphy 
Linguistics; OpenCourseWare; "Visualizing Cultures"; "Star Festival" (multimedia program)

Kuniko Miyanaga 
ICU Institute of Asian Cultural Studies, Research Fellow 
Philosophical approach to epistemological issues influencing Japanese leadership in the global community

Jiro Mizuno 
Ritsumeikan, Visiting Prof. 
Japan in Iraq within its Constitutional limit 

Robert Morehouse 
Independent Scholar; The December Institute, Chairman 
The Tokyo War Crimes Trials (IMTFE); the Manila trials of Generals Tomoyuki Yamashita and Masahara Homma; the wartime and postwar activities of Masanobu Tsuji

Kiyoko Morita 
Tufts, Lecturer in Japanese 
College-level Japanese language teaching methodologies for students with mental and emotional issues while also addressing the needs of the class as a whole 

Carolyn A. Morley 
Wellesley , Prof. of Japanese Lang. and Lit. 
Study of 17 th-c. Noh and Kyôgen performance records and commentaries 

James W. Morley 
Columbia, Ruggles Emeritus Prof. of Political Science 
Current affairs and U.S. policy 

Anne Nishimura Morse 
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, William and Helen Pounds Curator of Japanese Art 
Japanese Esoteric Buddhist art and early Shôwa era painting 

Samuel C. Morse
Amherst, Howard M. and Martha P. Mitchell Prof. of Art and History of Art 
Religious culture in Japan particularly during Heian period ; art related to chanoyu, artistic representation of modern cities 

Eunmi Mun
Amherst, Asst. Prof. of Sociology 
Mechanism of gender inequality in workplaces, changes in labor markets institutions, relationship between law and organizations

Andrea Murray
Independent Scholar 
Environmental issue, tourism development, and cultural conservation on small islands including Okinawa, Mallorca, and Galapagos

Robert A. Myers 
Columbia Business School, Adj. Prof. 
Comparing Japanese and U.S. intellectual property 

Hiromu Nagahara 
MIT, Asst. Prof. of History 
The critique and regulation of mass culture on modern Japan, with focus on popular songs 

Miri Nakamura
Wesleyan, Asst. Prof. of Japanese Lang. and Lit. Book 
Completed book ms. "Monstrous Bodies: the Rise of the Uncanny in Modern Japan"; new project on cultural history of maids in modern and contemporary Japan 

Susan Napier 
Tufts, Prof. of Japanese Studies 
Researching a book, “Lost in Transition: Train Men, Dolls, and the Electric City in 21 st-Century Japan” 

Suzanne O'Brien 
Independent Scholar 
Masculinity and consumer culture in early postwar Japan 

Emer O'Dwyer 
Oberlin, Asst. Prof. of History and East Asian Studies 
Completing book ms. "Significant Soil: Dairen and Japan's Urban Empire in Manchuria, 1905-37"

David Odo 
Yale Art Gallery, Bradley Asst. Curator of Academic Affairs 
Early Japanese photography; history and photography of the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands; early Japanese colonialism 

Sumiko Otsubo 
Metropolitan State, Assoc. Prof., Chair of History 
Japanese eugenics