P - S

John C. Perry 
Tufts, Fletcher School, Henry Willard Denison Prof.; Director, Maritime Studies Program 
An imperial history of the China Seas

Samuel Perry 
Brown, Asst. Prof. of East Asian Studies 
Revising ms., "Fiction on the Frontlines: Revolutionary Culture in Japan and Colonial Korea" 

Lizbeth Halliday Piel 
Lasell, Asst. Prof. of History 
"History of childhood in Japan; as a member of the Mapping Buddhist Monasteries 600-1000 AD Project" responsible for mapping Buddhist temples in Japan

Joan R. Piggott 
USC, Gordon L. Macdonald Prof. of History; Director, Project for Premodern Japan Studies and the Kambun Workshops
Preparing ms.,"Fujiwara no Akihira’s Monkey Music and its World"; "Ôbe no shô, a Medieval Estate and its World," translated and annotated documents; Fujiwara Munetada’s Chûyûki, selections and research 

Judith Preston 
UMass Boston, Researcher in Applied Linguistics 
Japanese language pedagogy, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics; educational tourism 

Tamae K. Prindle 
Colby, Oak Prof. of East Asian Lang. and Lit. 
Introduction and translation of various versions of a small episode in The Take of Heike 

Steve Rabson 
Brown, Prof. Emeritus of East Asian Studies 
Compiling a sequel of translated fiction and poetry to Molasky and Rabson, eds., Southern Exposure: Modern Japanese Literature from Okinawa (Hawai'i, 2000) steve_rabson(at)brown.edu

Ronald Richardson 
BU, Assoc. Prof. of History; Director, African American Studies Program 
Study of Japanese and American concepts of the self with particular emphasis on dramatic arts and fiction 

Atsuko Sakaki 
Toronto, Prof. of East Asian Studies 
Photographic books as sites of translation; translation of Horie Toshiyuki's fiction

Richard J. Samuels 
MIT, Ford Intl. Prof. of Political Science; Director, Center for Intl. Studies 
Research for a book ms, "The Rhetoric of Crisis: Japan's Choices after 3.11," examining the policy impact of the March 2011 catastrophe on Japanese security policy, energy policy, and local governance 

Ernesto F. Sanz 
UMass Lowell, Prof. Emeritus of Economics 
Development and change of Japanese trade policies in Europe 

Minae Savas 
Bridgewater State, Assc. Prof. of Japanese Studies 
Examining the influence of traditional dramatic forms on contemporary Japanese cinema, and cultural continuities between the two, drawing on fields of history, religion, literature, film, theater, and art 

Janine T. A. Sawada 
Brown, Prof. of History of Japanese Religions 
Studying texts and images generated by banned religious groups in the Tokugawa period, especially Fujikô 

Ellen Schattschneider 
Brandeis, Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology 
WWII memory and memorialization processes; shamanic traditions; psychoanalytic theory, especially object relations theory 

Frank J. Schwartz 
Montclair State, Special Asst. to the President 
Issues in higher education 

Amanda C. Seaman 
UMass Amherst, Assc. Prof. of Japanese Lang. and Lit. 
Book ms. on treatment of pregnancy and childbirth in contemporary Japanese literature and culture, looking at literature both pure and popular, manga, autobiography, and advice manuals

Vyjayanthi R. Selinger 
Bowdoin, Asst. Prof. of Asian Studies 
Medieval war tales with focus on construction of motherhood in Heike monogatari 

Franziska Seraphim 
BC, Assoc. Prof. of History 
Comparative and transnational social history of the Allied War Crimes Program from 1945 to 1960s

James Mark Shields 
Bucknell, Assc. Prof. of Asian and Comparative 
Modernist, progressive, and radical movements in Japanese Buddhism from late Meiji through WWII; Buddhist resources fro contemporary debates on issues such as globalization and sustainability

Yumiko Shimabukuro
Columbia, School of International and Public Affairs Lecturer
Democratization, poverty, social welfare in Japan

Toru Shinoda 
Waseda, Prof., School of Social Sciences 
Trans-Pacific history of social and labor movements  

Eiko Maruko Siniawer 
Williams, Assoc. Prof. of History
Conceptions of waste in modern Japan

Kerry Smith 
Brown, Assoc. Prof. of History and East Asian Studies, Chair, East Asian Studies 
Continuing work on the social and cultural histories of the Great Kantô Earthquake

John P. Solt 
Independent Scholar 
Two exhibits for the Japanese Pavilion of Los Angeles County Museum of Art based on his collection on Ohie Toshio and Kitasono Katue; Getty Research exhibit on photographs of Hamaya Hiroshi and Yamamoto Kansuke 

Amanda Mayer Stinchecum 
Independent scholar 
Cultural history of Yaeyama Islands seen through changes in cotton sash; history and present circumstances of five private ethnological museums in Yaeyama 

Sarah M. Strong 
Bates, Prof. of Japanese 
Ainu oral performance genres, especially the kamui yukar; the construction of the human/animal relationship within kamui yukar narratives; Chiri Ukie's (1903-1922) Ainu shin yôshû 

Shizuko Suenaga 
Seattle, Coordinator and Senior Lecturer of Japanese 
Recent publication of Japanese War Brides in America: An Oral History; seeking publication in Japanese as well 

Noriko Sugimori 
Kalamazoo, Asst. Prof. of Japanese Lang. 
Ideologies of honorifics in national language policy; oral history digital humanities project connecting people born in 1932 or earlier, and Kalamazoo students in Japan on study abroad 

Rebecca M. Suter 
Sydney, Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies 
Completing book ms on representations of the Christian century in modern Japanese fiction; new project: "Middle West" Australia and Italy in the Japanese Imagination," looking at literature, film, manga, and travel magazines" 

Paul Swanson
Nanzan, Permanent Fellow
Annotated study of Mo-ho-chih-kuan, a sixth century Buddhist text