P - S

John C. Perry 
Tufts, Fletcher School, Henry Willard Denison Prof. of History
An imperial history of the China Seas

Samuel E. Perry 
Brown, Assoc. Prof. of East Asian Studies 
Japanese literature and the Korean War

Lizbeth H. Piel 
Lasell College, Asst. Prof. of History 
Childhood, education, and youth in modern Japan, focusing on the Second World War

Joan R. Piggott 
USC, Gordon L. Macdonald Prof. of History and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Book manuscript Visions of Heian Kyoto and collection of annotated translations Obe Estate and its Residents—the World of a Medieval Estate

Tamae K. Prindle 
Colby, Oak Prof. of East Asian Language and Literature
Article on anime and review of Donald Keen's book on Ishikawa Takuboku (2016)

Ronald Richardson 
BU, Assoc. Prof. of History
"Opening Japan": Popular Movements and the Transition to Modernity

Paul Roquet
MIT, Asst. Prof. of Japanese Studies
Emotional space in twenty-first century Japanese audiovisual media

Brian D. Ruppert
Bates, Hirasawa Prof. of Japanese Studies; Chair, Asian Studies Program
The history of "sacred works" (shōgyō) scripture in premodern Japan

Atsuko Sakaki 
Univ. of Toronto, Prof. of East Asian Studies 
Sporting narratology, deterritorialization in Japanse literature, and photography as site of translation

Richard J. Samuels 
MIT, Ford Intl. Prof. of Political Science; Director, Center for Intl. Studies 
Research for a book ms, "The Rhetoric of Crisis: Japan's Choices after 3.11," examining the policy impact of the March 2011 catastrophe on Japanese security policy, energy policy, and local governance 

Ernesto F. Sanz 
UMass Lowell, Prof. Emeritus of Economics 
Terms of trade, Japan and the European Union

Minae Savas 
Bridgewater State, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Studies; Chair, Department of Global Lanugages and Literatures
Gaining new insights into the significance of Noh performance traditions transmitted between generations for centuries

Janine T. A. Sawada 
Brown, Prof. of Japanese Religions 
A study of the origins and early development of Mt. Fuji religious practices and ideas in late medieval Tokugawa Japan

Ellen Schattschneider 
Brandeis, Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Japanese and Okinawan pilgrimages to Micronesia, especially Saipan and Tinian, to memorialize civilian war-time casualties; the aftermath of the 3/11 “triple disaster” (earthquake, tsunami, radiation) in Northern Japan

Frank J. Schwartz 
Showa Boston Institute, President
International education in Japan

Amanda C. Seaman 
UMass Amherst, Prof. of Japanese Literature
Representations of medicine and illness in literature and popular culture in contemporary Japan

Vyjayanthi R. Selinger 
Bowdoin, Assoc. Prof. of Asian Studies 
Book project The Law in Letters: The Legal Imagination of Medieval Japanese Literature and project “Transforming the Ramayana: The Chaste Sita in Hobutsushū and Beyond”

Franziska Seraphim 
BC, Assoc. Prof. of Modern Japanese History 
Social history of the Allied war crimes trials in Japan and Germany focusing on the post-trial phased clemency and reintegration

James M. Shields 
Bucknell, Assoc. Prof. of Comparative Humanities and Asian Thought
Progressive and radical Buddhist thought and practice in East Asia, especially Japan

Yumiko Shimabukuro
Columbia, Lecturer of International and Public Affairs
Redistributive politics in affluent democracies

Toru Shinoda 
Waseda, Prof. of Social Sciences 
Comparative labor politics

Eiko M. Siniawer 
Williams, Prof. of History
History of the idea of waste in postwar Japan

Kerry Smith 
Brown, Assoc. Prof. of History
Disasters, disaster science, and earthquake prediction in 20th century Japan

John P. Solt 
Independent Scholar 
Co-editing volume on Kenneth Rexroth's poetry translated into Japanese for Shichōsha

Amanda M. Stinchecum 
Hosei, Center for Okinawan Studies, Special Research Associate
The future of "handicraft" and the sustainability of handloom weaving in Okinawa

Sarah M. Strong 
Bates, Prof. Emerita of Japanese Language and Literature
Ainu oral traditions, animism in the works of Miyazawa Kenji, haikai traditions

Shizuko Suenaga 
Seattle, Senior Instructor of Japanese 
Japanese war brides

Noriko Sugimori 
Kalamazoo, Asst. Prof. of Japanese
Language ideology, oral history, modern history, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology

Ronald Suleski
Suffolk, Prof. of History
Aspects of Manchukuo, including Japanese colonizers and lives of Chinese officials

Rebecca M. Suter 
Univ. of Sydney, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Studies
Comparison of Japanese and Western cultures of soft drink consumption

Paul L. Swanson
Nanzan, Institute for Religion and Culture, Permanent Research Fellow
Translation and commentary on Chih-i's Mo-ho chih-kuan