T - V

Paul D. Talcott 
Independent Scholar
The spread of market mechanisms in health care policy in Japan and East Asia; the relationship between economic development, democracy, and the introduction of market principles into social insurance systems

Wako Tawa 
Amherst, Prof. of Asian Languages and Civilizations; Director of Language Study
Synonyms in Japanese

R. Kenji Tierney 
SUNY-New Paltz, Adj. Prof. of Asian Studies
Sumo, sports, the body, food consumption, Japanese popular culture

A. Maria Toyoda
Suffolk, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
Capital account liberalization and Japanese infrastructure financing

Alice Y. Tseng 
BU, Assoc. Prof. of Art History; Chair, Department of History of Art and Architecture
Visual culture of modern monarchy; gifting and reuse of architecture

Yolanda A. Tsuda 
Kobe College, Prof. of Global Studies 
Immediate post-war migration to Japan from the Philippines

Mary Evelyn Tucker 
Yale, Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Scholar
Religion and ecology

Timothy J. Van Compernolle 
Amherst, Prof. of Japanese
The creative exchanges between literature and cinema in interwar Japan

Elena Varshavskaya 
Rhode Island School of Design, Senior Lecturer
Seasonal nature motifs in ukiyo-e woodblock prints

Alexander M. Vesey 
Meiji Gakuin, Assoc. Prof. of Global and Transcultural Studies
Early modern Japanese Buddhist social history

James Keith Vincent 
BU, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese and Comparative Literature
Natsume Soseki and Masaoka Shiki

Louise E. Virgin 
Independent Curator of Japanese Art
Japanese Shijo surimono prints with emphasis on haiku poems and poets