T - V

Paul D. Talcott 
Berlin Free University, Postdoctoral Research Assoc., Japan Seminar 
For a second dissertation (the German habilitation) working on an interdisciplinary project on vaccines in Japan, including economic, political, scientific and cultural dimensions, both current and historical 

Wako Tawa 
Amherst, Prof. of Asian Langs. and Civilizations 
Synonyms in Japanese" 

Francis B. Tenny 
Independent Scholar 
Modern Japanese literature; Satô Haruo, Hori Tatsuo, Shiga Naoya, Shimao Toshio

R. Kenji Tierney 
Skidmore, Asst. Prof. of Anthropology 
Examining the socio-economic roles of sumo in Japanese society and culture; looking at historical processes and contemporary situations, analyzing the place of sumo and its wrestlers in contemporary Japan and the world 

Alice Y. Tseng 
BU, Assoc. Prof. of Art History
Modern art and architecture of Kyoto 

Yolanda Alfaro Tsuda 
Kobe, Prof. of Global Studies 
Diaspora of early women migrants in Japan; biography of Cara Whitney 

Mary Evelyn Tucker 
Yale, Senior Lecturer and Senior Scholar in Forestry and Environmental Studies, Divinity School, and Religious Studies 
Confucianism and ecology; world religions and ecology 

Timothy J. Van Compernolle 
Amherst, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese 
"Struggling Upward: Worldly Success and the Japanese Novel": the role played by modern discourses on social mobility in the formation of the spatial imagination of the modern Japanese novel during the Meiji era

Elena Varshavskaya 
Rhode Island School of Design, Senior Lecturer History of Art and Visual Culture 
Working on description of a Russian private collection of ukiyo-e prints focusing on actor prints by the Utagawa School print designers 

Alexander M. Vesey 
Meiji Gakuin, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Religion and Comparative Cultural Studies 
Cultural and social history of early modern Japanese Buddhism, especially Kyoto's cultural history and visual representations of that city 

James Keith Vincent 
BU, Asst. Prof. of Japanese and Comp. Lit. 
Modern Japanese literature, queer theory, psychoanalytic theory, novel theory, and translation

Louise E. Virgin 
Worcester Art Museum, Curator of Asian Art
Japanese haiga, surimono and scroll and screen paintings; cataloguing ukiyo-e collection and contemporary prints; researching art objects for future exhibitions of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other Asian art