W - Z

Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano 
Carleton (Ottawa) Assoc. Prof. of Film Studies 
Digital technology's impact on contemporary Japanese cinema, the 1990s and 2000s; postwar Japanese cinema in the 1950s 

Mariko Namba Walter 
Independent Scholar 
Working on multi-author publications, The Silk Road: Interwoven History, 3 vols. 

Kay B. Warren 
Brown, Tillinghast Prof. of Intl. Studies and Prof. of Anthropology 
Co-editing "Inescapable Solutions: Japanese Aid and the Construction of Global Development"; writing "Human Trafficking and Transnationalism: Global Solutions, Local Realities"

Takeshi Watanabe 
Connecticut, Asst. Prof. of Japanese 
Sixth-century Shuhanron scroll, twelfth-century scrolls associated with Go-Shirakawa, and Heian culinary practices War 

Neil L. Waters 
Middlebury, Prof. of History 
A history of Japan's Young Men’s Associations from the Edo Period to the Pacific War 

Robert Weiner 
Naval Postgraduate School, Asst. Prof., National Security Affairs 
Japanese politics, political parties and elections, democratic political institutions 

Cherie Wendelken 
Independent Scholar 
History of Japanese architecture 

Melissa L. Wender 
Independent Scholar 
Imperialism and war in post-war fiction of Japanese women

Victoria Weston
UMass Boston, Assoc. Prof. of Art 
Okakura Kakuzo and the Nihon Bijutsuin; transfer of garden ideas and plants between Japan and the American Northeast

Merry White
BU, Prof. of Sociology and Anthropology 
Ethnographic research on "work" in Japan in food from domestic to artisanal to industrial work

Ellen B. Widmer 
Wellesley, Mayling Soong Prof. of Chinese Studies 
Brother novelists: Zhan Kai, Zhan Xi, and the shape of late-Qing fiction 

Kristin Williams 
Wellesley, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow 
Japanese book history in the Edo period with focus on illustrated popular literature for children 

Leslie I. Winston 
Independent Scholar 
Interrogating subjectivity in literature from the late 19 th c. through the early 20 th c. through the trope of intersexuality 

Michael A. Witt 
INSEAD, Affiliate Prof. of Asian Business and Comparative Management 
Researching institutional change in different varieties of capitalism, especially the role of beliefs held by business leaders in shaping these processes

David Wittner 
Utica, Prof. of Asian History 
Meiji Era industrial technologies and industrial modernization, choice of technique, specifically in the iron and silk reeling industries; material and visual culture and their relationship to nationalism/cultural pride 

Aida Yuen Wong 
Brandeis, Assoc. Prof. of Asian Art; Chair, East Asian Studies 
China-Japan relations and transnationalism; Nakamura Fusetsu and his circle of Japanese calligraphers who popularized Metal-and-Stone Aesthetic in the late 19th and early 20th centuries 

Laura E. Wong 
UNESCO, Scientific Advisor; Research Assoc., Heidelberg Center for American Studies 
Writing about intergovernmental organizations' place in transnational history, focusing on UNESCO; Japan-Germany-USA protest movements in the 1960s; the Cold War and textbook revision 

Genzo Yamamoto 
Wheaton (IL), Asst. Prof. of History 
Locating pre-WWII Japanese criticisms of Enlightenment thought in the broader contexts of global discontent with Europe 

Tadashi Yamamoto 
Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Senior Research Fellow; National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Research Associate
Japanese organizations; Japanese cities and urban culture; Japanese future policies; Japanese philosophy and arts; applied mathematics and information science 

Nobuko Yamasaki 
Independent Scholar 
Makino Tomitaro (1862-1957), a botanist in modern Japan 

Kikuko Yamashita 
Brown, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Lang. and Linguistics 
Compiling a reference grammar and a reader of pre-modern Japanese 

Midori Yoshii 
Albion, Assc. Prof. of Intl. Studies 
U.S. foreign policy toward northeast Asian countries during the 1960s

Anna M. Zielinska-Elliott 
BU, Lecturer in Japanese
Finishing translation of Murakami Haruki's 1Q84 into Polish

Eve Zimmerman 
Wellesley, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese 
The role of the girl in modern Japanese literary texts and manga