W - Z

Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano 
Carleton (Ottawa), Prof. of Film Studies 
Post-Occupation Cinema, especially the 1950s Japan; "Japan" in the Cultural Discourses After 3.11

Mariko N. Walter 
Independent Scholar, former Director of ACANSRS
The Silk Road: Interwoven History, and Buddhism in Central Asia

Kay B. Warren 
Brown, Tillinghast Prof. of International Studies and Prof. of Anthropology 
Co-editing “Inescapable Solutions: Japanese Aid and the Construction of Global Development”; writing “Human Trafficking and Transnationalism: Global Solutions, Local Realities”

Garrett L. Washington
UMass Amherst, Asst. Prof. of History
Protestant church space and the making of modern Japan; women's history in imperial Japan

Takeshi Watanabe 
Wesleyan, Asst. Prof. of East Asian Studies
Historical tales, representations of food in literature, and illustrated scrolls

Robert J. Weiner 
Naval Postgraduate School, Lecturer in National Security Affairs 
Japanese and Asian domestic politics, as well as their impact on security policy

Victoria Weston
UMass Boston, Assoc. Prof. of Art
Okakura Kakuzo in the American Northeast; Exhibition, Boston College, BC Eagle (19th c. Japan)

Merry White
BU, Prof. of Sociology and Anthropology
Ethnographic research on “work” in Japan in food, from domestic, to artisanal, to industrial work

Ellen B. Widmer 
Wellesley, Mayling Soong Prof. of Chinese Studies 
Wang Duanshu and patronage in women's poetry networks; Nemoto Shō and the introduction of American biographies of women into Japan

Michael A. Witt 
INSEAD, Prof. of Strategy and International Business
International business, varieties of capitalism in Japan, China, Korea, and Europe

David Wittner 
Utica College, Prof. of East Asian History 
Meiji industrialization, visual and material culture

Aida Yuen Wong 
Brandeis, Assoc. Prof. of Asian Art
China-Japan relations and transnationalism; Nakamura Fusetsu and his circle of Japanese calligraphers who popularized Metal-and-Stone Aesthetic in the late 19th and early 20th centuries 

Tadashi Yamamoto 
Independent Scholar
Japanese mythology; Japanese artificial intelligence; psychology and mythology; food cultures

Emi Yamanaka
BU, Senior Lecturer in Japanese
Language pedagogy, applied linguistics, pragmatics, pronunciation, assessment

Kikuko Yamashita 
Brown, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Language and Linguistics 
Looking at "Kanbun" as Japan's foreign language education in early Heian to Kamakura periods

Midori Yoshii 
Albion College, Prof. of International Studies 
The Ford Administration's policy toward Japan

Anna M. Zielinska-Elliott 
BU, Senior Lecturer in Japanese
Translation of the newest Murakami Haruki novel and an article on teaching Japanese literature

Eve K. Zimmerman 
Wellesley, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese 
Trope of the adolescent girl in postwar Japanese literature