The Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies (RI), along with other Asia centers, plays an active role in publishing outstanding research in the prestigious Harvard East Asian Monograph series (HEAM). Books on Japan sponsored and funded by the RI are produced through the Publications Office of the Asia Center under Robert Graham, Director of Publications, and Deborah Del Gais, Editor of Japan and Korea Monographs. The series plays a vital role in making the research of scholars available to a broader audience, and many leanding academics in Japanese studies toda, including numberous Harvard Ph.D. recipients, began their academic careers with books that appeared in the series. Of the approximately 370 books that have issued to date, more than 125 deal with Japan. The works concern all aspects of Japan with particular emphases on Japan's history, culture, society, and literature. Other works, particularly in the humanities, are published in the Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series, which is funded by the Harvard-Yenching Institute; some 100 titles have been issued in this series to date, 10 of them on Japan. Works in both series are selected by the Publications Committee, comprised of Harvard faculty members, on the basis of peer reviews.