Study Groups

The Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies (RI) sponsors ongoing study groups to support the research of Harvard faculty and graduate students. These study groups bring together members of the Harvard scholarly community, including faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and, in many cases, leading scholars from area institutions, to explore specific research themes that relate in some way to Japan.

The program is open to a variety of formats and objectives. Many groups feature seminar series in which the participants share their research findings, in some cases leading to published work. Others hold planning meetings aimed at developing major research projects, for which the organizers evetually seek external support. Alternately, the group may undertake collaborative research to create a new data source.

The RI currently supports the following study groups to encourage further discussion and exchange of ideas on various topics in Japanese Studies:

  • Art and Japanese Esoteric Buddhism Study Group
  • cinEncounters
  • Contemporary Japanese Politics Study Group