Noma-Reischauer Prize in Japanese Studies

To honor the memory of Professor Edwin O. Reischauer, who served as Ambassador to Japan from 1961 to 1966, and to assit in the further advancement of Japanese studies, Kodansha Ltd., the largest Japanese publisher, has established the Noma-Reischauer Prizes in Japanese Studies.


The prizes will be awarded annually for the best essays on Japan-related topics written by Harvard University students:

  • one prize of $1,500 for the best essay by a graduate student, and
  • one prize of $1,000 for the best essay by an undergraduate student


Essays must have been written during the current academic year and be submitted to the Reischauer Institute by Monday, June 11, 2018. The essays may be of any length, and may be course or seminar papers, BA or MA theses, or written specifically for the competition. However, doctoral dissertations, as such, will be excluded from consideration. The essay must be in English. Essay submissions should be for work completed at Harvard and previously published materials are not eligible. There will be an awards ceremony for these prizes in December, and we hope that the awardees would attend this ceremony in person. One entry per student per year.


1. Submit three hard copies of the essay, including 3 cover sheets (specifying that it is for the Reischauer Institute prize) along with a one paragraph abstract of your paper for each copy.

2. In additon to the three hard copies, please also email an electronic PDF version of your paper, the cover sheet & the one paragraph abstract to <>.

3. Attach a cover sheet with hard copies as well. Include:

  • Your full name
  • Harvard ID number
  • Citizenship [If not a U.S. citizen, please indicate permanent residency status.]
  • Contact info: current/permanent & summer mailing addresses, telephone numbers(s), email address(es) - include 2 email addresses, especially if graduating
  • Harvard department, degree program, and year in program
  • If this essay was submitted as part of a course, please provide the course name, professor name, and the semester/year the course was taken.
  • If graduating, what/where are your postgraduate plans?


Catherine Glover, Program Coordinator
Noma-Reischuaer Prizes
Reischuaer Institute
Harvard University
1730 Cambridge Street, Room S241
Cambridge, MA 02138


JUNE 11, 2018, 5:00PM - both hard and electronic copies, along with an abstract.

For further information, please contact Catherine Glover at (617) 496-4812 or at