Introducing: The WHIRL

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What is the WHIRL?

The WHIRL is a parable of What Happens In Real Life.

Think of the two ends as two different, but equal possibilities in your life.

When the WHIRL is whirling you see only one mark, the mark on the end that you pressed to set it in motion. Which is to say: the start defines the ensuing experience.

Stop the WHIRL, and whirl again, this time pressing the other end, and now you see only the other mark. It feels like magic, but only because we forget: the actual is merely a glimpse of the possible. What happens in real life is always merely part of what can happen. There are always other possibilities, invisible in the current whirl of life, but already there, waiting to be revealed.

But this, of course, is itself just one possible interpretation…

How to Whirl the WHIRL

Set the WHIRL on a hard, smooth surface. Place your index finger near one end of the tube, slightly below the exact center of the top. Bring your finger down quickly to make the tube roll backward and spin.

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