Hiroshima Program

Hiroshima University is generously offering multiple fellowships for Harvard graduate students to carry out short-term research in Japan during a portion of the current academic year. The fellowships are available from November 2019 to March 2020 and provide monthly stipends of ¥80,000 (JPY) for up to 3 months of research. The stipends can only be dispersed at the beginning of the calendar month; participating students are required to stay in Hiroshima for a minimum of eight (8) days during each monthly cycle.

As part of this initiative, Hiroshima University will connect participating students with Hiroshima faculty "mentors” and help arrange on-campus housing if necessary. Please note that, due to the nature of this funding, Japanese citizens and resident visa holders are ineligible. Graduate students currently studying in Japan or on longer-term research grants in Japan are also not eligible for this support.

This short-term Hiroshima University fellowship support can be combined with term-time and wintersession travel support (due Oct 18, 2019) from the Reischauer Institute and other Harvard sources. Interested students should contact, Dr. Gavin Whitelaw (whitelaw@fas.harvard.edu), Executive Director of the Reischauer Institute, as soon as possible for further details.

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