David Odo Interviewed by Vox on Early Japanese Photographs

David Odo, Director of Academic and Public Programs, Division Head and Research Curator at the Harvard Art Museum, was recently interviewed by Vox and featured in the video "How Colorized Photos Helped Introduce Japan to the World." In this video, he discusses the technology of photography during the nineteenth-century and its role in both facilitating understanding of Japan and increasing the desire to learn more about Japan. Dr. Odo's interview follows the publication of The Journey of “A Good Type”: From Artistry to Ethnography in Early Japanese Photographs (Harvard University Press, 2015), which examines the Peabody Museum's collection of Japanese photographs and the ways in which such objects were produced, acquired, and circulated in the nineteenth century, as well as the complex issues of history, culture, representation, and exchange associated with them.

The video can be viewed below. For more information about The Journey of "A Good Type," visit this page.