Japan Disasters Digital Archive Project statement on the 10th Anniversary of the 311 Disasters

March 2021
It is hard to believe that a decade has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. On this special anniversary of remembrance, we offer condolences to all who suffered losses in the disaster. When we began our digital archive project, we thought that our efforts to collect materials might continue for a decade, leaving in place a completed archive. But of course, the challenges of recovery and reconstruction continue, and the need to add materials to the archive must continue as well. We offer our support and admiration for the many strong efforts of Japanese people and organizations to meet these challenges, and we recommit ourselves to enriching our archive and reaching out to users.
In recent months, we have been upgrading our archive platform, with the goal of making it easier to use for teaching, learning, and sharing knowledge. We hope that the Japan Disasters Digital Archive will continue to offer a virtual space for people in Japan to preserve the record and the memory of their experience. We also hope to enable people around the world to learn from the experience of this disaster.

We hope you will continue to find our archive a valuable resource, and we welcome your comments as well as suggestions.

Japan Disasters Digital Archive (JDA)
Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies
Harvard University