Rachel Saunders, Melissa McCormick, and Ryuichi Abe Featured in Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette has recently featured an article about the upcoming exhibition on Prince Shōtoku at the Harvard Art Museums.

The research team is led by Rachel Saunders, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Associate Curator of Asian Art at the Harvard Art Museums, in collaboration with Melissa McCormick (Professor of Japanese Art and Culture), Ryuichi Abé (Reischauer Institute Professor of Japanese Religions), and Angela Chang (Assistant Director, Conservator of Objects and Sculpture, Straus Center).

Unraveling the mysteries within an ancient Buddhist icon, they have conducted an analysis of the 70 objects discovered inside the statue Prince Shōtoku at Age Two, which arrived in Boston from Tokyo some 80 years ago. This sculpture was a promised gift from Walter C. Sedgwick in memory of Ellery Sedgwick Sr. and Ellery Sedgwick Jr. Their new research will be revealed in a spring exhibition at the Harvard Art Museums, beginning May 25.

More information can be found in the March 22 article of the Harvard Gazette.